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Kagro in the Morning - April 23, 2015

Interesting mix we put together today! NC warns people near Duke Energy plants not to drink their water, though they're still not allowed to "stand their ground" against Duke, I guess. Armando brings us back to electoral politics, with questions about why the keen press curiosity about the Clinton Foundation seems to be missing with respect to, for instance, Jeb Bush's SuperPAC, which of course is not supposed to be connected with Jeb in the first place, but whatevs. The latest from Tulsa: investigators concluded in 2009 that "reserve deputy" Robert Bates had received special treatment during training and in the field, telling deputies who questioned his actions "that he could do what he wanted, and that anyone who had a problem with him should go see the sheriff." Well, it was nice while it lasted, America. Who should bear the costs of fast food restaurant robberies? Surprise! Franchise owners say the employees should!

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