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Kagro in the Morning - APril 29, 2015

Apparently, Bill Kristol invokes Hitler a lot. And he's terrible on Baltimore. Cable news coverage once again found wanting. Crazy Texans get crazy governor to do crazy thing. SCOTUS hears death penalty cases with issues in play as broad as they are deep. Liberia kicks out homeopaths there to experiment with Ebola "cures." Bernie Sanders is in. Grousing to follow. How does the 2016 field stack up historically in terms of endorsements? Can governors running in 2016 walk the tightrope? A roundup of marriage equality items. Joan McCarter discusses the issues of the day, plus the latest budget hang-ups, the Gop's Obamacare fix-vs.-repair conundrum, and Rick Scott's continuing Medicaid suit drama. Secret recording surfaces of Robert Bates, bragging about using Sheriff's Dept. connections to do favors for friends, and harass enemies.

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