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Kagro in the Morning - May 4, 2015

Fiorina and Carson formally join the 2016 race. Noted crazy person goads with a "Draw Muhammad" cartoon contest, curiously herding her flock into a "gun-free zone," though they all miraculously survive. Guns Everywhere Georgia GunFAIL roundup: The Gwinnett Co. Sheriff accidentally shoots a real estate agent at a model home showing, and 1-year-old kids are accidentally shot on three successive days in Augusta, Macon & the AL border town of Phenix City. Republicans resume reconciliation rumblings. In the wake of a spectacular drone strike story and the Baltimore uprising, how did Rand Paul suddenly become invisible on two issues he says are top priorities? Hot topic: current policing crisis and the Clinton crime bill. Can you run from the cops? Depends where you are! 7th circuit upholds local assault weapons ban. Mutual funds and inequality. Are they the new trusts?

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