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Kagro in the Morning - May 15, 2015

White-on-white crime shocker leads off the broadcast. Greg Dworkin updates us on a GunFAIL story from way back, and notes the passing of B.B. King and “the father of evidence based medicine,” David Sackett. Banking on the Gordie Howe bridge. Another cycle of Jeb's Iraq gaffe. Rubio officially becomes Flavor of the Month. Will he inherit the scrutiny? Armando joins in expressing his disbelief at Jeb's flub, nearly has a car accident around the 51st minute of the show, then handicaps the GOP field while I take a walk around the block and go see a movie. The Stephanopolous outrage. Then, as promised, David Dayen's "10 biggest lies" about TPP and the ACLU on cops playing to the cameras. Finally, Gimmetarianism defined: the jerky anti-Obamacare jerk who acted like a jerk and then got in over his head and said more jerky stuff.

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