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Kagro in the Morning - August 6, 2015

Tonight is finally the public’s chance to meet reclusive billionaire Donald Trump, and get to know him.

Who’s a Natural, and who should change their game.

Jeb’s unforced errors.

Greg Dworkin tells us how Obama challenges the past’s mindset of force, and how Cillizza gets it wrong, and how WSJ gets it right.  The substantive speech.

The dominant forces driving the GOP,  and the cliff ahead.

David Waldman discusses the Washington Post article “An ‘unarmed’ white teen was shot dead by police. His family asks: Where is the outrage?”, and examines the intersection of several outrages, and the movements created to address them.

U.S. armed forces being shot at by U.S. armed civilians.

Also fighting the US: 3 men fight Jade Helm with homemade explosives.

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