Progressive politics, news & talk hosted by David Waldman
Kagro in the Morning - August 11, 2015

David Waldman, World Record Holder for keeping Donald Trump out of a conversation - 13 minutes 40 seconds.


Greg Dworkin discusses new polls:


Donald Trump wins! (but not against the option of not voting for any Republican)
Hillary Clinton wins!
Scott Walker loses!


How the Trump problem is just the usual GOP problem.


Republican’s big risk on abortion, and what the Democrats can do about it.


A year ago in Ferguson, two reporters were arrested.  Now, they are being charged.


Also last year in Ferguson, white militia “patriots” “guarded” over protesters.  They return, and David looks into their intentions, and the lazy reporting.

David also looks into the intentions and goals of the #BlackLivesMatter political movement, which might have moved Bernie Sanders.

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