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Kagro in the Morning - October 1, 2015

David Waldman presents Kagro in the Morning - now with an previously unheard 15 minutes (which were dropped out by internet glitches)!

Speaking of FUBAR, Hillary Clinton would like that explained, as more of her email is picked over for click bait and partisan spin. Speaking of FUBAR:

The media has Biden Fever, and the only prescription is more speculation.

House Whip, maybe soon Speaker Kevin McCarthy really steps into a truth about how
the Gop operates. And - no one has a clue what to do, or what will happen with John Boehner gone.

The financial industry, previously self-FUBARed, has learned nothing.

At least the vaccine opponents fell short in California.

After discussing all of the above, Greg Dworkin wonders if Obama may just be playing it right in Syria.

David tries to figure out what the Republicans will do now that Boehner is untethered. Will they follow the money, their ideology, or what’s right or wrong? (probably money)

Ex-congressman Paul Broun sad that he didn’t get in on that sweet Speaker ousting action, setting up to fire whoever comes along.

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