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Kagro in the Morning - October 5, 2015

Do you find that 10 hours of Kagro in the Morning is not enough David Waldman for the week? Then you should catch David's interview and discussion of political and policy developments of the past week with Jay Ackroyd and Culture of Truth on this Sunday's broadcast of Virtually Speaking!

Greg Dworkin calls in with a list of topics and opinions that he hopes are wide ranging enough to get everyone annoyed with him.

Pragmatists for Clinton! Maybe Hillary is likable, after all. You can't pay people to like Carly Fiorina, so she doesn't bother. Greg looks at the polls heading into IA and NH: Biden not much of an issue. Bush and Rubio close as Trump drops.  

Kevin McCarthy doesn't speak well at all, so he may not get the Speaker position.

MARS attacks! David and Greg talk about the range of populists and the spectrum of populism in politics, which all share in common a tendency of losing in elections - so far.

Guns, Campuses and Madness as it is reported mom of Mom of Oregon shooter bragged about weapons she stockpiled. Now 4chan is threatening violence, putting colleges on alert. Sheriffs demand even more military weapons. And, an 11 year old shoots and kills an 8 year old because she would not show him her puppy.

House Republicans, already fighting over the candidates for speaker, majority leader and whip, find themselves fighting over when to even hold the elections.

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