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Kagro in the Morning - November 6, 2015

Today David Waldman tries, and fails to put Ben Carson behind him. He does however get to talk about a lot of other stuff:

Greg Dworkin presents a potpourri of politics and polling for your perusal:

It's Jobs Friday - and it's a good one. Also, it turns out that Americans like government health plans best.

Not so good news for Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, who now move to the kid's table. Lindsey Graham and George Pataki are not invited at all. Jeb Bush, who is still running for president, probably wishes his dad and brother would quit talking about old times. Although fun to watch, the Republican debates move few people outside of Republicans. Insiders are pretty certain Ben Carson can not win, but do think that Marco Rubio might.

All politics used to be local, but lately all politics are turning national. This change is still not enough to help David Vitter, with prominent Republicans endorsing the Democratic competition, and with even Gumbo PAC running ads against him.

People are looking at Ben Carson, and that makes him so very angry. All bad news is good news for his evangelical followers, although his presidency would still remain very bad news for all people.

Being an Oath Keeper is keeping a lawyer from keeping his attorney oath.

Louisiana police say they were exchanging gunfire with a suspect (they weren't) when the suspect was backing his car towards them (he wasn't) and then multiple police bullets killed a 6 year old boy (they did).

Armando gives his personal South Florida, Miami-Dade county, Cuban perspective on the various lies and re-lying of Marco Rubio.

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