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Kagro in the Morning - November 9, 2015

David Waldman. Is he racist? Does he want to deny Christmas to coffee drinkers? Find out on today’s show!

Greg Dworkin asks: Does the John Bel Edwards ad show that he is the better Vitter vetter veteran?

Ben Carson really likes himself and is disappointed some do not. So, he suggests that instead of criticizing or laughing at him, that you go vet someone else, like Barack Obama instead. What would we do without Ben Carson? 

Ted Cruz, however, loves his enemies, or at least he loves having enemies. Jeb Bush, who is still running for president, has some things to fix soon. The rest of the pack hopes that New Hampshire will be the big turnaround for their campaigns

Hillary Clinton is doing pretty good so far. The Democrats hope some of that rubs off on their upcoming campaigns.

So, an Evangelist, a social media personality, and a lunatic walk into a Starbucks

Armando calls in to talk about football players at the University of Missouri demanding that the University president resign. Some go on a hunger strike — more than a million dollars are at stake, after all this is college football we are talking about. The president resigns.

David looks into Ben Carson’s pushback on the Yale Psychology class story, twitter discovers David’s hidden agenda


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