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Kagro in the Morning - November 12, 2015

As you know, David Waldman has not yet published his doctrine on defending against Baby Hitler, even as other under-paid philosophers have stepped up. Click over to to see how far your donations can go to help support Kagro in the Morning. It’s hard to believe, but for just pennies a day, you too can help move the national discussion past babies like this. Won’t you help?

A TN woman was scared in a Walmart lot, pulled her gun on several people including a 7 year old. She remains frightened. Another guy in Tennessee got the bullets scared out of his gun, right into a pedestrian

Greg Dworkin rounds up the post debate opinions and polling to discuss: Is the electorate past their flings and finally getting serious? The shakeout is coming a little slower than expected, but does that really matter to Marco Rubio? People may be beginning to realize that Ben, Donald, and other flings are not the ones to settle down with.

David looks into the many questions coming out of the complex problems at the University of Missouri. Are college campuses supposed to be “intellectually safe” or “intellectually dangerous”? Are college kids out to steal freedom of speech? The real reason protesters do not want the media around.

Looks as if police in Louisiana shot dead a 6 year-old autistic boy in a beef over a woman. 

Still no Lex Luthor PAC, but this guy is paving the way.

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