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Kagro in the Morning - November 16, 2015

David Waldman, heart broken by Giants, perseveres nonetheless. 

The French are attacked, but what do we know about the attackers? The French retaliate—possibly against the correct targets and people. Some providence may sort it out eventually.

Greg Dworkin notes the calls for solutions and a balanced debate. David’s and his discussion helps expand our international/political lexicon, by adding the term “Daesh-bags”—which will probably become depressingly useful in the future.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have problems of their own, with a couple of losers winning, and another in the wings.

David updates and expands some stories earlier explored on KITM:

The President and Chancellor at Mizzou took different paths to their departures. What does that mean for future protesters and movements?

The Washington Post looks into the Louisiana feud that led to a 6 year old’s killing by police.

Ads could use inaudible sound to track your behavior. Political billboards are scanning your face for reactions. Don’t worry! (At least don’t let them see that you are worrying.)


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