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Kagro in the Morning - November 25, 2015

As the sounds of guests arriving and holiday preparations go on around him, David Waldman delivers today’s KITM, full of Thanksgiving cheer and stuff for you to shout across the dining room table tomorrow:

For Greg Dworkin, Thanksgiving marks the time when “early polls” become “polls” — and more predictive as you finish your leftover turkey.  

Bernie Sanders comes out on top in many categories, but still trails Hillary Clinton. Martin O’Malley almost doubles his national support in his home state with 7%.

Donald Trump is doing just fine. His behavior is being picked up on by some people, but does the attention hurt or help him? How can news organizations reveal what Trump is without revealing what his followers are? So what to do if Trump leaves? Meanwhile, Ted Cruz sets himself up as Donnie Jr

Marco Rubio will defeat ISIS with ground war on multiple fronts and few allies, otherwise whatever Obama’s now doing. So what to do if ISIS leaves

Armando calls in to discuss the media’s objective viewpoint, and future narratives. Can anything from the right be so abhorrent or egregious to be labeled as objectionable, or is the news too beat up to say so?

What is known so far about the two suspects arrested in connection with the Black Lives Matter Shooting — are they terrorists, white supremacists, and does it matter?

David discusses the connection between gun culture, and the slow deterioration and eventual suicide of a Maryland college student considered one of the best and brightest

Mike Huckabee loves the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but can’t tell them apart.

Scott Walker tries to move on, but still a loser.

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