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Kagro in the Morning - January 5, 2016

Greg Dworkin advises to understand the Oregon standoff, you need to first look into the history of Mormonism in the area

They don’t speak Pakistanian in Pakistan, as comics not always a good cultural textbook.

Gop contenders don’t support Oregon Militia’s methods, but continue to like all of the stands and attitudes that took the militia to their conclusions. 

Going into Iowa, Cruz is getting his ground game down, Trump will plow through to 2nd, and whoever get’s 3rd, wins for some reason. IA and NH rules and procedures weed out the candidates, pollers, guessers and gamers. It ends up with everyone targeting Chris Christie for his little slice of the pie. Bill tip toes in, to assist Hillary Clinton. Atwater and Nixon possibly looking happily from somewhere at the continuing success of the Southern Strategy.

David lawsplains the Hammond Arsonist Sentencing in Oregon, and its connection to the present Vanilla Isis uprising.

What does it take to get to the terrorist mindset? David looks into the evolution of a British bouncy castle salesman to IS Militant, and the Jihadist who started out as a Hacktivist.

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