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Kagro in the Morning - January 18, 2016

David Waldman is not “in” today, as he is “out” taking full advantage of the 3 day weekend—but he didn’t forget you! Here is an all-new, pre-recorded KITM, with KITM back tomorrow, LIVE:

A Rhode Island city official is caught using a guy dressed as an old lady to convey a positive image for a snow shoveling program. A Republican senator tries to convey a positive image for himself, using special effects to make it seem like he was driving a car

Indiana gun hobbyists decide that a library is a proper venue for a meeting, and inevitably blow a hole in the wall. The library and local media jump through all possible hoops to stay in passive voice, and not offend any gun fanciers. Virginia’s hypocritical legislators don’t want to enforce their own gun laws.

Darnell Earley, the “Emergency Manager” when the Flint River began to be fed to residents, now has a new job, as the Emergency Manager for Detroit Public Schools. He is ready to make “tough and necessary cuts”. 

As work becomes Uberized, creating shareholder value and creating good jobs becomes incompatible. David looks into the difference between job creators and household creators.

There is an alternative legal system, employed by crackpots, that should keep trouble brewing in Oregon for a while. What if wildlife refuge occupiers were black? They were.

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