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Kagro in the Morning - January 19, 2016

Cold outside?  Snow day for the kids? Gather the family ‘round your streaming device and cozy up to David Waldman and KITM:

Greg Dworkin declares at least two winners in the latest Democratic debate: Bernie wins the heart, Hillary the head. Democracy wins in this substantive debate, but can Bernie Sanders be both a presidential and a revolutionist candidate? Some Republican operatives feel the Bern. Republicans blame Obama for you not liking them. Cruz and Trump yearn for that coveted Palin bump

The culprits in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Katrina are being revealed, a memo confirming the US EPA notified Michigan of problems as early as June. Latest updates can be found at Ron Fournier was bamboozled by the Snyder administration in December, but at least he figured it out, it just took Snyder’s catastrophic lack of leadership to convince him. Marco Rubio didn’t hear about it, and doesn’t really care.

Armando takes the KITM helm, while David fixes his snow-delayed kids situation. Armando commends Sanders move of the Overton Window, and his sharpening of the debate, but wonders if this can be translated into a presidency. Armando, David and Greg discuss the ACA versus Single Payer, and how tough it would be to introduce such an overhaul of insurer relationships and more progressive tax rates against vested interests and the present dysfunctional government.

An Oregon militant sounds the alarm when the government comes for his government subsidized money.

Donald Trump fights the siege against Christianity and pinpoints the classiest Bible verse.

Scholastic Books sugarcoats the history of two of George Washington’s slaves, then pulls the book after a letter writing and Daily Kos campaign brought attention.

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