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Kagro in the Morning - March 2, 2016

We’re still trying to find an appropriate label for the Wednesday after a Super Tuesday. But at least we have some results to examine now that the day is done. Greg Dworkin rounded up the relevant headlines and commentary on Republican Trumpmatic Stress Disorder, Chris Christie’s Stockholm Syndrome, and other related maladies.

Joan McCarter gave us her take on the day’s events, and the various bits of fallout arising from them. Well-known civil rights hero Donald Trump seems ready to try to steamroller Speaker Ryan, while other Republicans (and maybe even Ryan) are ready to just roll over. Perhaps that character trait is what’s making it so hard for Ryan to get his troops in line on the budget. And Apple wins an opening round in its fight with the National Security State.

We also ask Joan if Dick Cheney is terrible, and she says yes.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to take the suspense out of that for you.

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