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Kagro in the Morning - March 4, 2016

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David Waldman is laser focused on today’s political scene, except for those rare moments preocupied by Webelos knots.

Greg Dworkin drops by to bring you the news that everyone not listening to KITM will think is the news months from now. For instance, the rise of Donald “The Big D” Trump can be connected to the rise in American authoritarianism. Trump’s Republican rivals think he would make an awful, dangerous president, and support him for president. Mitt Romney is really against Trump now, really liked him before, and doesn’t really see what the problem with that is

So what if Trump had a bad debate last night? They all had a bad debate last night. Are there enough morons to elect him? Are there enough #NeverRomney voters to elect Clinton?

Cleveland gets a 50 million dollar security grant and wants to buys some toys. Don’t worry, eventually they will come up with a use for them.

The second hour of KITM goes to an interview with musician/producer/podcaster/agitator Travis Rosen, Daily Kos contributor and podcaster of Irreverent Testimony. Has Colorado outgrown the caucus system? Travis gives a first-hand inside account of the Colorado caucuses. 

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