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Kagro in the Morning - March 16, 2016

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David Waldman presents the KITM Super Post-Super Tuesday show. Now the riots can begin! Donald Trump’s followers have enough resentment to share with everyone.

Rubio leaves, Clinton sweeps, and Kasich blows his confetti budget.

Greg Dworkin tells us why Ohio is not Michigan. What does Bernie Sanders do now?

Only a Democrat can stop Trump now, with maybe the assist of Republican voters

Joan McCarter brings the morning’s breaking news: Along with other decisions made today, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Joan talks to David about who Garland is, and why is he the nominee at this time.

The Freedom Caucus nixes Paul Ryan's budget attempts. Maybe he should look for a new job.

The New York Times comes close to writing a positive Bernie Sanders article, but reconsiders.

Real Trump supporters show up, drip diamonds everywhere.

Florida poll workers meet everyone’s expectations.

Gun News: Drunken man’s scrotum not bullet-proof, and "I figured I'd just shoot at random because I had all these guns.”

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