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Kagro in the Morning - April 1, 2016

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David Waldman says it’s not April Fools Day — April Fools! It is.

Greg Dworkin, still a bit cranky from yesterday, has much for you to discuss and ponder this weekend. Donald Trump beautifully, classily sabotages himself, and his entire party. Donald Trump is still the choice of the self-immolation wing of his party. For everyone else though, Trump is collapsing, the Electoral College isn’t even close. The mass media fades, The Overton Window breaks, and the Trump followers float away in their own bubble

The hot streak continues for the American job market. The Right finds many, many things to thank Obama for.

Will some Democrats remove their nose in a principled response to their faces? David suggests that if you find an outsized, unearned, unfair influence, roll up your sleeves and put some work into uncool, dumb, thankless wastes of time until you eventually earn a position that garners respect and aggravates future generations. Here’s how Democrats will (probably) unite behind Clinton (if she’s the nominee)(Thanks Donald!). Sandersism is here to stay. Is Clinton getting a little Sandersy?

Rosalyn MacGregor brings us Part II of her swing state Michigan blockbuster dispatch: Budget cuts contributed to the Flint Crisis. Michigan cities crumble because elections have consequences, and voters get what they didn’t pay for. The emergency manager that helped bring leaded water to Flint keeps getting passed around the government. Governor Snyder remains clueless.

Both Donald Trump and his campaign manager hit hard, play close to the lines — and occasionally step over them, disregarding the foul calls, except the manager is now under arrest.

Marco Rubio is hanging onto his delegates, as he, Romney, Ryan have their own little convention plans. Oh boy, the DC Madam’s phone records could factor into the election! tech writer unsuprisingly is actually a hive-mind


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