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Kagro in the Morning - April 12, 2016

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David Waldman reviews his Ten Year Plan for KITM. Making a million dollars was definitely either the first or last step of the plan, and that is where you, our loyal listeners come in! Please donate to PayPal, or go to Patreon, or get a PayPal Subscription if you enjoy the show regularly. At least tell people about the show, share the podcasts and review us up on iTunes and Stitcher and then everyone will note how well-informed and hip you are.

Newt Gingrich never let scruples get in the way of a million bucks. David explains the Gingrich grift in detail. How far can campaigns go to influence a Republican delegate? The FEC doesn’t know.

Boy, if we only knew about the men who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton back then. Like Newt Gingrich of course, and also the Jerry Sandusky of the Republican House, Dennis HastertAndy Richter knew Hastert when Denny was the Jerry Sandusky of his high school.

David tackles your burning Wyoming delegate questions. Did you know of the many different kinds of delegates, the many ways of counting delegates, the ways one can fight for, buy, steal and earn delegates? You will by the end of this show!

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