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Kagro in the Morning - April 22, 2016

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David Waldman brings you all the news that fits for Prince, and much, much more:

Greg Dworkin restrains himself from going outside language guidelines when talking about Jane Sanders embrace of NRA talking points against Hillary Clinton. Everything is political, and politics is about moving policy, and you need to know how the system works to change it. Sanders supporters are thinking it is about time to consider Clinton. Some of Bernie’s supporters have more steps of grief to go through. Either way, it is time to decide how to spend their money.

There are still more primaries to go.

Is the Stop Trump movement struggling? Not as much as the Republican party, as this ad demonstrates. The secretive conservative organization, Friends of Abe, are no longer friends of each other.

Back to Prince: Did the flu kill him?

It is Earth Day! Is the Earth too politicized

Daily Kos endorses progressive outsider Donna Edwards. David looks into what makes an outsider in politics, and how that is appealing

David sends us into the weekend with some #gunFAIL: A mass shooting in southern Ohio, with adults and children dead. A road rage incident perhaps triggered by an attempt to keep children safe.

Suicide rates for women triple.

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