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Kagro in the Morning - May 5, 2016

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David Waldman gives us comprehensive insight, from way outside to deep inside The Beltway: Tonight is your last chance to Cinco De Mayo schmooze at Johnny’s Half Shell!

Greg Dworkin helps us to better face our fate, with a round up of data and acumen. Donald Trump starts out in last place in a two candidate race. He supplies the Democrats with a lot reasons to vote Clinton, and many Republicans too, or maybe they’ll just hide November 2nd. Or is it… A trap?

Bernie Sanders is still running for president. David again winnows away the chaff surrounding the tasty kernels of truth on Super Delegates.

Donald Trump is now one person away from the Atomic Codes

Get it straight:  The man billed as the first atheist bound for Congress isn’t actually an atheist at all. The Liberty Counsel admits that the “Bathroom Predator” Myth Is a Lie, and Christian men are not “testing” Target’s trans-inclusive policy by going into the women’s room.

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