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Kagro in the Morning - May 16, 2016

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On Today’s KITM, David Waldman sifts through the evidence at the scene of the Nevada Democratic Convention,  while Greg Dworkin gathers the news and numbers heading toward Kentucky and Oregon.

Greg discusses why and how voter turnout differs by state.

Koch Industries has its own little civil war over Trump.

After mining out voter repression, the Gop tries voter registration.

Hillary Clinton maintains her lead in Oregon, in most measurable ways.

Is it Bernie vs Elizabeth vs. Hillary in Kentucky?

Primaries are more representative than caucuses, but both probably do not represent the general population. The Gop slowly, but eventually can not escape the pull of gas giant Donald Trump.

So, if Donald Trump is as poor as the usual grifter, maybe the old trick of calling himself a billionaire is just part of a grift? Of course, this isn’t the only scam Trump has pulled which isn’t just offensive, but potentially dangerous.

Armando calls scurrilous shenanigans in the Nevada Democratic Convention debacle. What was the rule change some are complaining about? There was no rule change.

David looks at what happened at the Convention, and tries to determine what really happened in Nevada.

Armando and David examine all the points of view coming out of the Convention, and determine that even the most lucid, intelligent, well-thought-out objections have to bow to the established authority

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