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Kagro in the Morning - May 24, 2016

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David Waldman presents a very different KITM today! It’s “My Dinner With Andre” with somewhat less Wallace Shawn, but much more about the state and process of politics today. Armando sits across the virtual candlelit table as the two discuss the primaries to this point, and what got Trump, Clinton and Sanders in front of us. Bernie Sanders has fought all this way for something. Is a say in the Democratic platform worth it? In case you don’t remember the 2012 Democratic National Platform, here it is.

How is everything rigged? Is everything rigged? What is “rigged”? How is race in issue? How is the media an issue? What is fair representation? What would the dream candidate be? What would the dream platform be? The dream voting structure? The dream democracy?

And by the way, is anybody perfect enough to serve on the purity committee? Do we allow passes for progressive heroes who cast the occasional odd vote? Might those situations be useful markers for examination of other votes by other people that we’re pretty sure just really sucked?

Then, some Clownstick for dessert:

Who holds leverage over Trump? You will never know if you can’t follow the money. Trump loves the Wall Street people, but they know he isn’t one of them. Clownstick understands climate change, when it helps him in court. He understands gun-free zones when they are on his property.

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