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Kagro in the Morning - September 15, 2016

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Greg Dworkin was hoping for 2008, but now seeing a 2012 kind of win this election. Again they are saying it’s a tight race, but what do they know? Hillary’s lead is still solid. Greg reminds us of how Obama vs. Romney looked at this time, and examines how the demographics are breaking this time aroundDon’t point your finger at millennials. If you are looking for blame, maybe you should look in the mirror, or at your neighbor maybe… actually he’s probably not your neighbor, because who’d want to hang with that guy? Why most think the country is on the wrong track, despite positive economic indicators. The politics of Hillary’s pneumonia.

Donald Trump Jr. is against releasing his dad’s tax returns because people would just ask the wrong questions. Ivanka Trump left an interview because she was asked the wrong questions. Donald will let the kids run businesses while he is president, and promises not to ask them any questions.

David moves on from that crackpot to the nitty-gritty of other scandals: At Wells Fargo (WFC -1.59%), execs got rich sandbagging clients. Sandbagger in chief Carrie Tolstedt picked up $125 million. Scott Walker earns whatever karma comes his way after taking industry money and then acting to try to retroactively block lawsuits by children harmed by lead paint. Congress rolls up its sleeves and goes to work, for Exxon.

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