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Kagro in the Morning - October 6, 2016

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Donald Trump is still running for president! David Waldman’s KITM is 2 hours long and he can only barely keep ahead of this mudslide.  

Mike Pence showed he was good at being unsoiled by Trump mud at the debate. Actually, few saw the VP debate. As a result, the whole concept of Mike Pence smooth talking his way to a win is fading away. Greg Dworkin reveals the strategy Tim Kaine used to win in the real world.

Donald Trump is sinking. Sunday’s debate won’t bail him out, so when do the rats jump ship? Congressional rats are especially interested in this question.

On the other hand, the wind is at Hillary Clinton’s back. Now it is close in Florida, Nevada and even Arizona, and if she can lock down Florida...

Yeah, yeah, the youth know about the election, when is that deadline again?

Donald Trump used this one weird trick, and absolutely no scruples, to turn a 916 million dollar loss into a profit! David looks into Donald’s Art of the Steal, and the several theories on what he was up to, especially this one.

Brian Munroe, also known as Canuck Pundit, becomes KITM’s Canuckospondit with a report on how Trump wife #2 Marla Maples could have done him in.

A Kentucky man and his AR-15 stop the tide of evil clowns. Actually he shot at a woman walking her dog.

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