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Kagro in the Morning - October 17, 2016

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Those claiming that one just can’t degallimaufry a farrago clearly haven’t met the likes of David Waldman! Listen and Learn on today’s KITM:

We all know that Donald Trump is a tremendous, huge loser. He is also not going to be president. Greg Dworkin is here to tell you how, and why. First, Greg will walk you through the George Washington Battleground Poll. Then the Washington Post-ABC News poll, followed by detailed analysis of the brand-new national NBC/WSJ poll. Greg describes how, when one poll has Hillary up by 4, and another up by 11, Hillary Clinton is going to win the election. But what about voter intensity? Actually, intensity looks about the same for Clinton and Trump. But what about that 19 year old black guy screwing up the polls? No, he probably isn’t. But what about women propelling Hillary to victory? Oh yes, they are. But what about the rigged election? No! No! What are you, some kind of idiot?

Speaking of idiots, some of them firebombed a North Carolina Republican Headquarters building. Hillary and Donald got to show what they are made of. Donald Trump insults everyone’s intelligence with his choice of sexual assault witness.

There are still smart people left in the world, and David rounds up a few:

Armando calls in to KITM to call the bluff of an “insider” claiming James Comey perjured himself in testimony to congress.

Brian Munroe reports that It doesn’t matter who won the debate: America has already lost.

John R. asks, why have Texas prisons banned thousands of books?

And Rosalyn MacGregor reports on the Michigan gubernatorial race of 2018!

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