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Kagro in the Morning - October 18, 2016

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Today David Waldman lights the fuse on the KITM mind cannon. Just try not to give into astonishment when countless basketballs of insight dribble themselves into your brain!

As Greg Dworkin has told you so many times, (and now Chuck Todd backs him up!) the presidential race has been amazingly stable. Which means Hillary Clinton continues her lead, and Donald Trump continues his leadership fail. So, Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump widens… and Donald Trump’s failure to lead also widens. Therefore, as even white suburbanites flee “idiot” Trump, Clinton forces move into Arizona. Hillary Clinton has even captured the coveted K-12 demographic. And, it doesn’t look like much will be squeezed out of the Clinton e-mail story, either.

Republicans only can hope that Republicans not voting for Trump will remember to vote the ticket for someone. Meanwhile, the votes are already coming in and are being counted in Iowa, and North Carolina. Steve Bannon tries to harness the power of crazy people.  

Speaking of the crazy, David delves into the mystic, machine elf, psychonautic, glossolalia-spouting voting bloc. Sit down with a heaping bowl of your favorite entheogen and take the trip with him. BTW, what was Emily Weeks smoking when she implied the NC GOP firebombing was covering up illegal activity?  

Donald Trump shows a ready submission to sharper minds. But, was Howard Stern abusing him, or just playing him

Some Republican senators’ fundraising was hacked and sent money to Russia for months. Thanks Putin!

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