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Kagro in the Morning - November 2, 2016

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We are 6 days out from the election, at least that is what the so-called “experts” in the media would lead you to believe. David Waldman and KITM are no exception. Leading you to the polls is not a crime by the way. 

#GunFAIL is all over the place: 8 cops or retired cops have accidentally discharged their weapons in the last 10 days, 14 GunFAILs in Ohio during the last 16 days

Greg Dworkin has done all he can for you nervous Democrats. The polls are steady, and still looking good. Florida sees the rise of the Clinton Republicans. Blacks & Hispanics are up in Florida. (Still more whites in Florida.) African American turnout is down, which may be a worry, maybe offset by the Latino vote. Lots more polls and analysis at The Abbreviated Pundit Round-up.

Donald Trump’s links to Russia are real. So are his ties to the Mob.

Joan McCarter lets us in on the secret House Freedom Caucus meeting, as they are in gerrymandered safe districts and have nothing better to do. A Clinton SCOTUS blockade is in the works, as is the Democrat nuclear optionfun times ahead. Of course, if we win the Senate, Chuck Schumer is part of the deal.

Richard Burr's 'joke' about putting a bullseye on Hillary Clinton calls his judgment into question. So does his past judgements.

Some Republican states are refusing to abide by court orders, by refusing to correct confusing, incorrect information, and actively lying to voters. Then there are those “ballot security” officers you could run into. Trouble voting? Not sure what the law is? Have a problem at the polls and need help? Call @866OURVOTE for fair, nonpartisan help! Wearing a ski mask and waving a knife will not help.

An awful person shoots police, but is not the right color to alarm the nation about it.

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