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Kagro in the Morning - November 4, 2016

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Welcome to the last “LIVE” Kagro in the Morning before the election! There will be new shows, pre-recorded for your enjoyment on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, November 9, David Waldman will return, depending on election results back to the KITM microphone or as exalted leader of the post-apocalyptic Northern Virginia tribe. 

Greg Dworkin does his best to help us acquire and maintain meaning in this chaotic world. Armando calls in to assist, and correct when needed. Overall, it looks like maybe, possibly, not wanting to jinx it, well, Hillary is ahead. Things are looking better all the time. But, there are still days to go. Armando, Greg and David examine the battleground states, especially Florida, Florida, Florida. Black early voting turnout is down, but only because it is a smaller piece of an ever larger pie. Latino turnout is booming. Donald Trump can’t count on those ‘Missing White Voters’. Anyhow, missing nonwhite voters may matter more

One of Donald Trump’s wives gave a speech about bullying. Sam Stein brings her up to date on what Donald’s been up to.

Bjørn Olav Megard places his bet for Tuesday.

Josie Duffy Rice brings us the latest DA misconduct. Tampa DA charges disabled mother for stealing, despite video evidence that she was framed. Josie recommends that you check out “Charged: The DA VS. Black America” playing on BET. Josie also recommends that you submit an educated vote on your local DA race. If you have any questions, please feel free to email her.

News from the world of sleaze: Harvard cancels men’s soccer season due to sexually explicit ‘scouting reports’. Roger Ailes told Megyn Kelly multiple times that he could advance her career in “exchange for sexual favors.”

Coming up next week: David looks into why Vladimir Putin’s Russia is backing Donald Trump, and how the FBI turned into Trumpland.

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