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Kagro in the Morning - November 10, 2016

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Disarray! Yes, we all lead a busy life, with all of the requisite muting, blocking, unfollowing, unfriending, and banning to do, but why not take a couple hours off and listen to our Captain David Waldman navigate KITM through this sh*tstorm? We are all kind of in the same boat, although some of us may not think so

As usual, Greg Dworkin helps to rationally make sense of it all, although, wow, there is not much consensus on what’s going on. The two Americas are accelerating away from each other. Will this shut up the elite? Or do the technocrats go to the guillotine first? Were white radicals frustrated that they weren’t scoring with girls moved to take over the US?

Did we make deplorables too mad? Is it still OK to call them deplorable? Is it not PC to blame the Russians for this? The election stunned even the Gop pollers. Why were the wrong right?  

Nate Silver says “I told you so”. More humor: Jimmy KimmelSeth Meyers, Samantha BeeBill Burr.

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