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Kagro in the Morning - January 11, 2017

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David Waldman finally streams the Number One story of last night on today’s KITM. In fact, he could barely hold it till airtime. Urine for a treat.

Greg Dworkin is also happy to bring the pun to punditry. This whole thing is not a piddling matter. Seriously, what’s clearly true about Trump and Russia is disturbing. The big story is horrific. But, keep joking, they hate it.

Armando figures Donald’s thirst for liquid assets made him irresistible to Russian Mobsters. Being a pretend billionaire when you aren’t too bright costs a lot of money.

For some reason, confirmation hearings continue to be necessary. At least Sheldon Whitehouse and Al Franken are there to protect the honor of the Senate. Also, Coretta Scott King's letter that helped sink Sessions in 1986 is now finally public.

Wow, you're not technically a member of Congress until you take the oath? Weird! Who knew?

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