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Kagro in the Morning - January 12, 2017

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Welcome to the first KITM of the passing-Watergate era. Donald Trump makes it so no one need speak the truth or make sense ever again. This whole week has had that Trump je ne sais quoi, as the Germans say. Nonetheless, David Waldman is here to help us get to the facts under the crazy, starting with last night’s Vote-A-Rama.  

Yes, the Senate did take the first step towards repealing Obamacare last night. Greg Dworkin and David discuss how this isn’t the Worst Thing that ever happened, just one of them. Back to the confirmation hearings: Rubio “Al Frankened” Rex Tillerson, bringing a little excitement. Was Tillerson not prepared properly? We now have some things on Tillerson, and Jeff Sessions to yell at them once they get the job. (They will get the job.) Golden-boy whiz-kid Donald Trump has the job, but no ethics, and personally no ethical concerns, or at least shame. James Comey is also running low on shame.

Armando notes that Trump not only lacks shame, but intelligence, thus making him Russia’s and Republican’s ideal useful ignoramus.

At least Trump is trying to make the most out of his presidency.

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