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Kagro in the Morning - January 13, 2017

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Sure, it’s Friday the 13th, but aren’t you lucky it is not next Friday yet?

David Waldman puts on his progressive boots (right-wing shoes hurt his left-wing feet) and leads us up that KITM hill again to finish up the week. The hill looks pretty steep today. Robert Reich has been in government since at least Carter, but still was shocked to learn that government institutions and public trust were actually voted out in November. The new government has a mandate to rout out ethics, and got on that even before Day One. This probably cheers up a few supporters, but not Armando, who still clings to antiquated notions of how things ought to be. He and David unshroud some recent government decisions from the technicalities designed to… shroud them. These include the Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017, a House rules change you didn’t hear much about—and one prosecutors won’t like, and the proper use of the Byrd Rule.

When in New York, Marine Le Pen was eager to try the cuisine at the Trump Grille, certain to be the new hot spot for out-of-towners.

The problem with the Deep State for Donald Trump is just how unruly they can be, unlike Russians, who seem to be up for almost anything.

Inauguration is next week, so some people still have to obey some laws. For instance, a neo-Nazi armed march is called off because their application was incomplete, and a New Hampshire lawmaker was mortified when the law of gravity affected her loaded gun during a hearing on the merits of full-day kindergarten.

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