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Kagro in the Morning - January 16, 2017

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Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The fact that there is such resistance to MLK’s commemoration underlines its importance. Biloxi, Mississippi takes us one step closer to “All Americans Matter” day. Others, including U.S. Representative John Lewis lead us to a better way.

David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin to describe how the twitter feud is becoming a movement.

We know Donald P. Trump is a ten year old with a real airplane and a billion dollars, but more importantly, if you really want to anger him, tell him he’s a bad golfer! What is past is prologue, so journalists know they are heading towards Hell.  

The Apprentice created the “character” of Donald Trump through careful editing of the “reality” of Donald TrumpThis might be why Donald prefers to make a couple takes on his reality as he offers it to you. Now, Donald promises all of America will be 'beautifully covered' under his secret health care plan. He is raising 90 million dollars for charity (and to say 35 words). And, Russia wouldn’t change a word of his foreign policy. British and Israeli intelligence are resistant to sharing stuff with everyone, but what can they do about it? 

Sure it kind of seems we are all heading for hell. But, don’t despair! We were made for these times. There is hope in the dark. Make Friday a beginning.

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