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Kagro in the Morning - January 18, 2017

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We keep heading towards the inauguration. OK, not all of us are heading there, but there will no doubt be a Day One eventually, and David Waldman with KITM will be there on Day Two (hopefully) to help us dig out.

Probable Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was taken to school in yesterday’s hearings. To the amazement of all, DeVos was not eaten by a bear, as we have not yet realized the need to bear arms against armed bears

Greg Dworkin rounds up some polls, and it turns out they still don’t like Trump. They are beginning to really appreciate Obamacare (and Obama) however. The story of Obamacare’s impact is growing as it becomes apparent that the Republicans really mean the “Repeal” of “Repeal and Replace”. Greg points out that Trump’s narrative requires a foil, so he wishes Hillary Clinton was still around, and explains why he tried to paint John Lewis, of all people, as a snowflake. The more specific Democrats are about solutions, the more difficult it becomes to put them into Trump’s “story”.

Who are Trump’s next enemy? Just look at the visuals he’s planning.

Joan McCarter stops by for a while before having to go back to the confirmation hearings. Coming up is health and human services pick Tom Price, who is chock full of scandal. Republicans in red states are surprised to find they aren’t heroes for slaying Obamacare.

Not all of Trump’s nominees are going to be automatically processed into their positions. Andrew Puzder might just turn down his Labor Secretary offer. 

Donald says “I was never even In that room for that period of time” when the peeing and the prostitutes and the Putining occurred. (So, if anyone turns up with a video of him entering that room, well then it did happen, but not for “that period of time”.)

Popular neo-Nazi blogger resigns in shame after revelation his wife is Jewish, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

David updates his LinkedIn profile to include “Sand-In-the-Gears Application Assistant.”

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