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Kagro in the Morning - January 24, 2017

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Today on KITM, David Waldman addresses the dilemma we face now: Our president is a dumb baby. Certainly, he is a lying dumb baby. He is probably a crazy lying dumb baby. Now he is the President of the United States, making him the most powerful crazy lying dumb baby on Earth. The last few days, the first few days of his administration, have made him a thoroughly enraged most powerful crazy lying dumb baby.

​Armando implores us to remember, when confronted with an easily enraged crazy dumb baby on a political ticket, to make our vote count strategically, and pragmatically, before we bestow the most power on Earth to the guy. Here is what we get: The Keystone XL and DAPL pipelines will be built, and the EPA is under a gag order as Trump team shuts down grants, and press communication. Republicans run interference, as their “blame Obama for Obamacare repeal” strategy kicks off, and Orrin Hatch wrings his hands in concern over the Democrats reaction, which is to slow down confirmation while we find out WTF’s going on with these people.

Life is getting crazier every minute. Want to close your eyes, and pick a place outside the Untied States to visit for a while? Try Tobermory, Canada!

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