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Kagro in the Morning - February 2, 2017

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Okay campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today! David Waldman notes how today seems a lot like yesterday and the day before, but it’s the details that matter as we all learn how to make it work. Donald Trump rates world leaders’ phone calls. Donald Trump’s Black History Month speech made certain to list all of “the good ones”. Here are the warning signs of narcissistic personality disorder.

Greg Dworkin reminds us to quit picking on our Trump-voting brothers and sisters. Outside of all branches of government nationally and locally, what did negativity get them? We can be better than that, and they’ll appreciate it... Donald Trump will focus the US counter-extremism program solely on Islam now, as white Christians no longer need their extremism countered.

Greg brings us back to CHAOS, how it’s being used, the effects it has, and will have, and how to counter it. The Republicans plan to fight chaos by replacing Paul Ryan with Nancy Pelosi.

Is Steve Bannon the second most powerful man in the world? Will he push Putin out of the #1slot? And will his mouthy sidekick Donald start to resent him?

The good news if we win in our fight against “The Man”, we might get to be it someday. Greg and David discuss the difference between activism and advocacy, and the need for advocates and activists.

David burns up a good half hour describing the benefits of burning up a good half hour between legislative and executive sessions in committee hearings considering nominations.

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