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Kagro in the Morning - February 6, 2017

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You thought the Falcons were going to win, right? So, halfway through the game what did you do? You shamed the Patriots. When you shame Patriots, you are just asking for a come-from-behind upset! Oh well, time to let it go, already. It’s just a game.

While Coca Cola fixes the persistent inclusiveness problemDavid Waldman works on all of the other issues today… Except for Lady Gaga. She snuck in some Guthrie.

Greg Dworkin has a plan for holding back the flood of chaos: Reaching out to Trump voters through our shared American values of honesty and the rule of law. Or we can just ignore them, and vote.

Armando calls in with his nagging perception that most Trump voters feel their priorities supercede People of Color and will vote accordingly.

Trump and Bannon, meanwhile, continue to drive it like they stole it. Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation. Stephen K.G.Bannon is on the National Security Council. But, what’s Donald going to do about it? He has drapes to figure out, light switches to find, stuff to read, a bubble to escape, and flies to lord. He works from 9 to 6:30, people! He doesn’t have time to read everything. Does Trump want to lose? Or is this stupidity a stupid plot

Would you believe Trump’s blind trust directly benefits these four sad sacks? Ivanka and Jared want you to believe they care. Neil Gorsuch wants you to believe his resume. Donald wants to believe he’s in great shape. CNN quit believing Kellyanne Conway. Don and Vlad really, really don’t care what you believe.

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