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Kagro in the Morning - February 7, 2017

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David Waldman has a few ideas for Saturday Night Live, but has Trump jumped the shark? Donald pushed the Overton Window beyond all satire, what does he do now to get our attention? He’ll just have to work harder. In the meantime KITM brings you Tangential Tuesday:  

People protested all over the nation, Senate Democrats pulled an all-nighter, but Mike Pence didn’t oversleep, and the uhm, people have spoken, and DeVos is in.

Trump reminds the press that they are traitors, and possibly Islamic Terrorists. Some people can’t help but love terrorists. The press covered up the other times Kellyanne Conway tried to warn us about the Bowling Green Massacre. (Soon the press might cover up Kellyanne.) Trump tries to tell us, but WTF is he saying? Maybe he’s hard to understand because he is a Dumb Baby. Some already regret voting Trump, but many still love him almost as much as they love their completely uninformed opinions. The Border Patrol Union pushed for the Muslim Ban from Breitbart News Studios. Don’t watch that crap. Your TV knows what you are doing, and is judging you.

The White House is falling apart. The Senate is falling apart. That isn’t keeping them from taking over the country. Even Neil Gorsuch grieves the loss of Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court.

Melania might have been a Slovenian hooker, but that shouldn’t keep her product line from a once-in-a-lifetime taxpayer boost.

Man, what a hell-hole. Wouldn’t you just like to get away from it all for a while?

And — Rosalyn MacGregor gives us a close-up look at Michigan voting, which unfortunately resembles yours, no matter where you are from. Michigan will spend up to $82 million on new voting machines. The list of problem precincts continues to grow during Michigan recount. More precincts become ineligible for recount. Think Michigan’s recount seems messy? Turns out recount laws date back to 1870s.

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