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Kagro in the Morning - February 9, 2017

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Tune in to KITM’s big Thursday show with David Waldman and the Morning Crew—Traffic and weather on the 10s!

Greg Dworkin brings us analysis of those steps between 1 and 10. Some people are on the Finding Common Ground step. Some people are presently fighting in the trenches. Some are still climbing out of the Blitzkrieg rubble. Some are just beginning. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is fetching the Four Horsemen. This is the Last Great Test of White Supremacy.  Republicans don’t care what message this sends.  

Liberals like tasty red pills. They also have a different sense of morality than Conservatives. Let’s try to understand those folks, if only to hone our trolling skills. Shared truth might succeed once we agree who’s telling the truth

Trump's gift for coining catchphrases could backfire. Senator Daylin Leach comes up with a great one! Donald Trump is the dumbest baby on Earth. Neil Gorsuch is 49, eventually he’ll get over that Trump hired him. Neil is about as old as the 25th amendment, which he might need to consider soon.

After Greg gets his goat, Armando calls in to retrieve it. Maybe Manchin has the right idea? No one is a racist, until you ask them to describe who they are picturing taking their jobs, invading their homes, cutting in line.

In 4 years it will cost $6,000,000,000.00 to keep Barron from changing out of elementary school. That would buy a lot of pencils.

Miss him yet?

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