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Today’s—or maybe just this morning’s—scandal is brought to us by The Indianapolis Star and their old buddy Mike Pence. Mike used personal email for state business—and it was hacked. This should be addressed quickly, as no one is above the law.

Speaking of honest men, where does the Russian investigation go now? Donald P. Trump could or should be taking aktivniye meropriyatiya, but the links at Mar-a-Lago beckon him. (Somehow his frequent flyer miles aren’t adding up to profits for local Florida businesses.) No one ever promised he’d be good at government, or business. OK, maybe somebody did. But, is this all just a clever money-saving approach? Or a clever political strategy? At least state department employees can sneak out early every Friday when Donald takes off for the airport. It looks like DC now operates on Putin time.

Speaking of Vladimir Putin and Louise Mensch, perhaps she isn’t so nuts after all, at least in regards to The Carolina Conspiracy. It appears as if Barack Obama might agree.

Could high-tech jerks be calling in bomb threats using spoofing and voice-masking technology in order to incriminate their victims? Turns out, yes, they did. Right at the moment, that guy might not be considered an anti-semite jerk, but there certainly are many anti-semite jerks still at large .

Under Trump, an already depleted IRS could face deep cuts. David explores the many tax boondoggles available to big businesses and the anti-tax consultants they hire, including those fools at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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