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Sit down with a cup of coffee and listen to David Waldman, KagroX, host of Kagro in the Morning, for the best in political conversation.  But, If you came for the best cup of coffee, maybe you got the wrong David Waldman. We still have the best oneaccept no imitations!

There’s only one Greg Dworkin—all the better to keep the Chaos at a minimum. This weekend Donald P. Trump forgot he was president for a while. He did remember he was a 70 year old Breitbart and Fox fan, though. As a result, Donald’s employees didn’t get the weekend off, and Don’s golf game was probably screwed too.

Things are so chaotic, Greg recommends studying Groucho Marx to make sense of it all. Trump has chucked our shared values out of the Tower window, and his party remains not ready to govern. It is time to pause this presidency, and to realize Trump’s Twitter is a gateway to authoritarianism. You don’t even have to think Trump Is an authoritarian to worry about his presidency. You can worry about the Deep State, and be still be happy to avoid the Russian State.

Is the media structured to see the President like a king? The public is still keeping their values, however. Senator Ben Sasse says "We are in the midst of a civilization-warping crisis of public trust Broken pledges and unstable behavior destroy the only thing government is based on: trust. What happens when we don’t believe the president’s oath? We will be forced to question the reality of everything they say.

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