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Did you remember to fall forward, or spring back on Sunday? Or did you just stick it to the man and skip resetting this year? Don’t be a slave to the clock, listen to David Waldman and KITM anytime!

Kellyanne Conway might be Denis Leary, but she’s no Inspector Gadget, no matter what your microwave tells you. Rep. Mike Kelly privately talked about Obama’s deep state shadow government, but apparently some appliances were listening in.

As long as Trump promises chaos, Greg Dworkin will round-up orderand polls! Americans see healthcare going off on the wrong track. Trump voters, at least the poor, old, and rural ones, will be hit the hardest. The Gop would rather not think about that. Many people are affected by Obamacare
premium increases, just not a large percentage of voters, which Tom Price adds up as “nobody”. Here are the 5 reasons the CBO will likely say Trumpcare increases uninsured. Here are 3 things Republicans are going to tell you to change the subject as we all head to 2018. Tom Cotton definitely does not want to discuss this. You probably can’t tell them anything anyway.

It looks like emotion and peer influence, and James Comey… and Billy Bush took Hillary Clinton down in ‘16. Now swastikas and the KKK are back in again.

Tillerson’s heading to Asia, but Trump and ‘Gina can’t stay apart and will be together in April. Rupert Murdoch might have found a way to profit from Donald Trump’s decisions. Donald said he wouldn’t take a salary, then maybe he’d donate it, now it looks like he’d rather keep it. Which is OK, because Trump will be eliminating his position as a cost-saving measure later this afternoon.

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