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Today’s KITM will go down as one of the great podcasts in the history of our country. But wait until you hear what David Waldman’s got for Friday’s show! It is the origin story Stephen K. (G) Bannon, soon to go down in history… for going down in history. Bannon deserves to go away, getting rid of him is a wise choice, so of course that is not what is happening.

Greg Dworkin continues to accessorize his handsome new microphone, providing his dulcet voice and that weird little beep sound to us with a pristine clarity. Greg also provides us with the Trump supporter story to end all Trump supporter stories (hopefully). A Kentucky coal mining museum mines a rich vein of irony by switching to solar power. Eh, maybe we should be nicer to those folks sometimes. Will Republicans soon join us in wishing Hillary won?

We won’t have Devin Nunes to kick around anymore, for a while, sort of, while he decides if he’ll flip to the FBI. Don’t worry, they found worthy replacements for him. Armando calls in to talk about Greg’s wrongness on Nunes’ karma and fate so far. He is looking forward to future debates on Section 702

Can Republicans convince the Pottery Barn manager someone else dropped the Obamacare pot? Not if credible and poignant Democrats keep up the attack. Republicans love Obamacare too. And, most Americans oppose funding the border wallTrump is scrambling to roll back as many Obama-era regulations as he can before time runs out. Time could run out for everything April 28.

Trump blames Obama and Assad for the latest gas attack in Syria. Russia says “Oh yeah, you and whose army?”

Meanwhile, the Senate goes nuclear. McConnell listens to the voices, McCain wishes he didn’t do what he did. Frustration and concern overflow. Thanks!

So, This Guy has to turn over That Document. Milo and Katrina sit back and count their money.

In all of the hubbub, Donald Trump always focuses on the big picture.  Just remember, he always seems to find a way.

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