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David Waldman learns that he can’t turn his back on this Trump character for even a moment. David takes a long weekend and look what happened—Ivanka begs Daddy to give Syria a $100 million spanking. The problem is, Assad’s been around. Why would he pick such a conspicuously gruesome and photogenic tactic to employ at this time? It sure stumped Trump. Boy, you’d think someone could have foreseen this... Well, who knows what motivates people?

The CIA knew about Russia and Trump earlier than most knew. Spain is the new Trump/Russia story source. Yesterday it was Alexander Torshin, and Pyotr Levashov. Today, it’s Dmitry Firtash connected to Trump, Putin and Spain.

Someday an event will occur, transforming Donald into a President. Armando calls to talk egg rolling, and what it could mean for the nation. The Trumps also hosted a Seder not bothering to attend.

End of an Era: Trump Model Management is losing clients and shutting down. In other lechery, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley ended up even worse than anyone imagined, and is resigning.

United Airlines could have reaccommodated all of the other passengers on that flight, let that that one passenger keep the airliner after he was finished, and still be ahead of today.

An event did happen this weekend. One that did bring the nation closer, as so many of us joined together in sending David the #GunFAIL of the guy accidentally shooting himself at NRA headquarters.

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