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Skiing for Passover this year? Consult your Rabbi, or listen to David Waldman on today’s KITM for the latest in holiday recreation. Unfortunately, Jared’s absence left Donald on his own for a few days, so he wasn’t sure what not to think, which will make America great again...

Did Donald Trump do nothing, or everything wrong—or right? Greg Dworkin knows, and enlightens us with ever-evolving audio fidelity as he artisanally hand-levels his new mic. Donald is turning a into standard right wing Republican—as his side job of course. There is a big difference between Trump and Trumpism.

Tribalism shmibalism, there is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. We need to pay attention, even in red states. 75% want to make Obamacare work, not destroy it. Even the Gop want to get rid of Sean Spicer. Oh, and Ben Carson's still around, stuck in an elevator somewhere.

One thing is certain: Daily Kos is back, baby. David Nir calls all grassroots hands on deck.  

Greg updates us on Glocks vs. Docs.

The United Airlines story becomes more horrific.  Fly another airline, or take your chances.

So, what's the difference between Lincoln and Hitler? Armando thinks he knows. Yep, Trump owes Russia, bigly. And so does Paul Manafort. And Carter Page. David and Armando continue their investigation of the White House Easter Egg Roll Scandal.

Trump lacked key players for his meeting with the Chinese in Mar-a-loco, but he did have the greatest most beautiful salmonella.

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