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David Waldman goes it alone today—but for the price of admission, you also get David’s renowned “Donald Trump” impression, and his curiously similar “Jeff Session”. Enjoy all three!

Ivanka's company won approval for Chinese trademarks on the same day she dined with President Xi. A year ago news like that would be shocking. Today, it would be a kind of letdown to seeDaily Kos Radio Trump avarice pass on such an easy mark.

The British secret service, and Armando, and several others, have been saying that Donald Trump owes Russia for keeping him off the streets in 2008. Donald won’t say. He won’t tell you anything. But his taxes will be audited automatically every year. Thanks Dick!

Trump exceeds South Korea’s expectations, and intentions, with what’s-his-name over in North Korea.

Historically, when Fascists pop up, Anti-Fascists do too, and they are all coming to your next demonstration. David relates how Neil carries on the Gorsuch family ideology.

An FSU student’s new rifle accessories accidentally shot his friends. A bill to allow guns at colleges and in airports is rejected. The Steube vows to carry on.

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