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David Waldman is back—but his back isn’t. He threw that out a week ago. We can all smile through the pain today knowing Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter are here to help carry the KITM load.

The Trump Armada is being tracked by everybody in the world, but nobody told Donald. The USS Carl Vinson is not turning as fast as Trump’s whims. The supercarrier is named after Representative Carl Vinson, whom Greg assures us is a man as interesting and as real as Newton Minow. Also lost: Bill O’Reilly, though most people jumped that ship long ago. Speaking of jumping ship, bye to rat Jason Chaffetz

Greg reveals the contours of modern America, as Jon Ossoff almost closes out the competition in Georgia. Now we get a lot of panicked spin on the way to the run-off. The biggest winners in Georgia are the people pointing out that the biggest loser is Trump. So, other than new drapes and a judge, what has he got to show for his 100 days? Not much. The more Trump vacations, the more he profits.

Where might Democrats find the next Georgia 6? Trump’s Wisconsin win was an aftershock of the Great Recession. Two months in a row of 30 thousand retail jobs lost. As the jobless rate rises, so do drug overdoses. You connect the dots.

Joan tells us how House Republicans could force the government to shut down in the Senate over coal miners’ health benefits. The House wins an Obamacare lawsuit—a critical step in their goal to screw poor people. David and Joan discuss the lawsuit on Trump’s violation of the foreign emoluments clause.

But—all of the above distracts from Russia! Erik Prince is under investigation for money laundering, ties to Chinese intelligence, and brokering mercenary services, and Paul Manafort recently received loans from various Trump-tied businesses.

Going to a big march this weekend? If you see these guys, march over to a new spot.

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